View over historic centre of Erfurt

Thuringian towns

The famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said with passion about his adopted Thuringian country: “Where else can you find so many beautiful things in one place?”

These words are still true today for Thuringia as a whole and specifically for Thuringia's towns and cities. A rich cultural heritage, lovingly restored city centres and outstanding architectural masterpieces are great attractions for travellers who are seeking the extraordinary on their cultural and city trips.

Thuringia's towns and cities invite you to enjoy Thuringian hospitality on authentic and unique historical sites and places.

The Towns of Thuringia Tourism Association

The 19 members of the Towns of Thuringia Tourism Association all offer fascinating insights into history, art and science. Their vibrancy and variety of cultural attractions continue to attract visitors from far and wide.

City breaks are the perfect mix of culture, pleasure and the opportunity to expand your mind. Discover the towns of Thuringia - and let delightful, unexpected moments become lasting memories.

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