egapark Erfurt

One of Germany's most significant horticultural monuments from the 1960s, egapark Erfurt is among the most important legacies of garden architecture from that era. It boasts a number of attractions, including the largest ornamental flowerbed in Europe, a rose garden, a Japanese rock and water garden, gardens dedicated to grasses and herbaceous perennials, tropical glasshouses with a butterfly house, the largest playground in Thuringia with a children's farm and 'water world', a sculpture garden featuring works by well-known artists and historical Cyriaksburg Castle with the German Horticultural Museum.

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Desert and Jungle House Danakil

Danakil is located in the centre of the egapark, and combines two climate zones in one immense building – with water as the connecting element. Here lies the desert with a vast array of cacti and succulents of all shapes and sizes – and there stands the rain forest with water from below and above. And between them are the animals – meerkats, spiders, ants, bats and tropical butterflies. Correlations between the climate zones are shown through landscape scanners, soil sections or the Danakil app on the circular path and the search for water.

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