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Lange Brücke shopping area

Lange Brücke

Not far from the cathedral and the Church of St Severus, and a short hop from Domplatz and Fischmarkt squares, visitors to Erfurt will discover a district known as Lange Brücke.

Lange Brücke is one of the city centre's most charming shopping streets with a huge range of specialist local boutiques offering high quality products.
Small, quirky shops and exclusive fashion boutiques lend the street its individual character. Some of the remarkable products on display in shops with friendly, knowledgeable staff are made by local artisans. The nearby Kettenstrasse is a great place to shop for traditional handicrafts, graphic art, prints, and original drawings.

Beautifully reconstructed town houses from four different centuries give the area a historical feel, and with picturesque views over the tributaries of the River Gera, it's a wonderful place for daydreaming!

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