Culinary Pleasures

Pralinen der Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur

Sweet Delights - Chocolate-Making Experience with Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Sweet Delights - Chocolate-Making Experience with Wine and Chocolate Tasting

The Goldhelm chocolate boutique is a popular attraction on the Merchants`Bridge, the longest in Europe with buildings along its entire length. Its chocolate is as exceptional as the historical surroundings. Everything is still made by hand using traditional methods - from traditional chocolate bars to speciality chocolates. As well as watching the master chocolatier at work, you can also have a go yourself: using only the finest and freshest ingredients and a variety of fillings, you get to make your very own mouthwatering creations. Along the way, there are plenty of fascinating facts about cocoa beans to discover. The event also includes a tasting session with exquisite chocolates and outstanding wines. This individually tailored gastronomic journey begins with lighter flavours then gradually steps up to richer tastes and full-bodied combinations - a well-rounded experience for the palate.

The Beer Crier

Out and About with the Beer Crier

In Erfurt and other towns in the region, the history of beer brewing dates back a very long way – to the Middle Ages in fact. In the 16th century, Erfurt had more than 600 small breweries. In those days, brewing rights were bound up with certain properties, as well as the standing of the prospective brewer.
Many historical buildings in Erfurt’s old quarter still have two round openings indicating their former brewing rights. The openings above the door used to be stuffed with straw when beer had been brewed and was ready for serving.
The role of the beer crier was extremely important, as he spread the news of freshly brewed beer around the town. The beer crier was a highly respected figure.

On this tour a beer crier in historical costume will take you on the trail of Erfurt’s ancient beer brewing tradition. You will see houses where beer was once brewed and also visit traditional brewery inns to sample the beer and enjoy some tasty Thuringian food.


Goethe requests your Company at a Culinary and Literary Evening

Experience an evening of delicious Thuringian fare during which your fourcourse meal is delicately interspersed with a literary programme of letters, tales and anecdotes about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe´s days in Thuringia. Goethe himself takes centre stage, holding court as he accompanies you through the evening for what promises to be a memorable cultural experience.

Unterwegs mit dem Erfurter Wein-Mönch

Wine Monk

On the Trail of the Erfurt Vineyard Song with the Wine Monk

Go on a tour of discovery with the wine monk and learn all about wine-making in Thuringia and Erfurt from the Middle Ages to the present day. The wine monk shows you the historical places and squares that are still closely associated with Erfurt`s vinicultral  heritage. As you sample the local wines at a variety of informal tastings, he`ll regale you with amusing anecdotes that always hit the mark. The tour culminates in an evening meal amid histiorical surroundings - with specially selected dishes that complement a choice of award-winning wines from Thuringia. During the course of the meal, you also get to hear our Erfurt vineyard song.