Banquet à la Dr. Luther

Experience a historical banquet in a traditional Restaurant in Erfurt. 
Its traditional, rustic ambience will transport you back to the time of the Reformer Martin Luther, who certainly appreciated good solid cooking. Luther will also be on hand "in person" to introduce himself to his guests and tell anecdotes about women and the gastronomic culture of his day. This banquet can be booked for groups of 25 or more.

The Banquet Fare

Good pork dripping with grated apples and onions
Assorted tender green salads 
topped with beetroot
Black bean soup
Roast leg of local goose 
with Brussels sprouts and 
buttered dumplings 
Turkish rice with raisins and almonds, 
mini apple fritters with vanilla sauce


55,00 € per person
(25 Persons and more)

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