Master-builder Maximillian von Welsch

Lamplight tour of Petersberg Citadel with the master builder

Accompanied by master builder Maximilian von Welsch you'll go off the beaten track around Petersberg Citadel to gain an unprecedented insight into baroque fortress architecture. This imposing fortification is one of the largest in Europe that has never once been conquered by an invading army. But once the master builder has let you in on the secrets of its underground passageways, nothing will stand in the way of your conquest. The price of the tour includes a small culinary reward for those who successfully 'conquer' the citadel.



January - December

from 5.30 pm

Meeting point

Petersberg Citadel

Number of Participants

15 - 25 persons


2 hours


per person: € 15,00

Minimumprice: € 225.00

[Booking number: GF 02/W]

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