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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

The German Automobile Association`s regional driving safety centre is situated just a few miles outside Erfurt. It also doubles as an unusual venue for your evening event and provides lots of interesting options for entertainment. The large outside area is available throughout the year, and the highly trained teams of instructors offer a variety of driving experiences in all types of vehicle - including high-speed laps in rasing cars, challenging driving safety sessions and adventures on the off-road terrain. You can even organise your own small rally! After experiencing life in the fast lane, you can end the evening in style at the buffet held in the function rooms. If you are looking for a slower-paced event, scenic drives are available in the beautiful surrounding countryside. This includes a pit stop at a traditional Thuringian inn.


The Erfurt Segway Tour - A New Dimension of Personal Transport

If you are open to new things, why not take a ride that is different to anything you've experienced before? On a guided segway tour of Erfurt or its beautiful surrounding countryside, you can experience the astounding mobility offered by this unusual vehicle. Whether you`re travelling on woodland paths outside the city or exploring the castles and palaces of Thuringia, you`ll soon discoverhow easy it is to steer the segway. These eco-friendly vehicles are driven by an electris motor that propels you safely and effortlessly at a speed of around 20km/h to the fascinating sights and attractions on your chosen tour.

There are scheduled breaks for food and drink so riders can sample the local specialities.

We are also happy to organise a bespoke segway event for you on purpose-built indoor and outdoor courses.

Discover Erfurt by Historical Tram

Discover Erfurt by Historical Tram

Erfurt’s electric trams have been making their way tirelessly around the city since 1894, and the Erfurt transport company is still the proud owner of several historical trams. A tour of the city by old-fashioned tram is a great, time-saving way to discover Erfurt’s recent and more distant past. You just sit back, relax and admire the city’s fine villas and industrial architecture. The tram also stops briefly to allow visitors to take a closer look at some of the city’s more modern buildings, such as the new Erfurt Theatre and the ice-skating rink, which was named after Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, the world champion speed skater from Erfurt. A typical "conductor’s snack" is served during the tour.

Ice Skating Arena Erfurt

Breaking the Ice in Erfurt

Erfurt is an extremely sporty city and has been a centre for ice sports for many years. The end of 2001 saw the opening of the brand-new Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann ice rink, an Olympics Support Centre and one of the finest and most up-to-date indoor speed- skating arenas in the world. Skaters from all over the world come here to train and compete – you can almost feel the Olympic spirit and their will to succeed. In a place where Germany and international elite regularly challenge for medals, you stage an ice sport championship among your own group, choosing from a selection of events such as speed skating and curling. After all the fun and games are over, hearty German food and glühwein is served to help you refuel.