Routes to Luther in Central Germany

We would be delighted to organise a tour on the trail of the great Reformer in central Germany for you based on the following modules. 
Further details and prices are available on request. Visits to Leipzig and Dresden are also recommended in conjunction with this tour.



Erfurt (Thuringia)

  • Guided tour in the footsteps of Martin Luther
  • Guided tour of the Augustinian monastery
  • Guided tour of St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • Lasts: approx. 4 hours

Eisenach (Thuringia)

  • Guided walk around Eisenach
  • Visit to Luther’s House and Bach’s House
  • Guided tour of Wartburg Castle
  • Lasts: approx. 4 hours

Schmalkalden (Thuringia)

  • Guided walk around Schmalkalden
  • Visit to the Town Church of St. George and Luther’s House
  • Guided tour of Wilhelmsburg Palace
  • Lasts: approx. 4 hours

Wittenberg (Saxony-Anhalt)

  • Guided walk around Wittenberg
  • Visit to Luther’s House, the Castle Church and the Town Church  
  • Visit to Melanchthon’s House
  • Lasts: approx. 5 hours

Eisleben (Saxony-Anhalt)

  • Guided walk around Eisleben
  • Visit to the house in which Luther was born and the house in which he died
  • Visit to the Church of St. Andrew and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
  • Lasts: approx. 2 hours

Torgau (Saxony)

  • Guided walk around Torgau
  • Visit to the Katharina Luther room and the Town Church of St. Mary
  • Visit to Hartenfels Palace
  • Lasts: approx. 2.5 hours

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