Tours of the surrounding region


Up to 3 hours
200,00 € per group
each additional hour 50,00 €

Up to 5 hours

250,00 € per group
each additional hour 50,00 €

Arrival and departure of the City-Guide 
20,00 € per group

All prices are exclusive of costs for the bus and entrance fees.

Weimar / Belvedere Palace

Travel with us to this European City of Culture and let one of the loveliest royal palaces in Thuringia entrance you.

  • Guided walk around classical Weimar
  • Visit to Goethe’s house
  • Visit to Schiller’s house
  • Trip along the idyllic Ilm valley to Belvedere Palace Rococo Museum (incl. admission and walk)


approx. 5 - 6 hours

[Booking number: RL 01]

Gotha and Friedenstein Palace

Get to know the oldest and intact functioning theatre in the world in the castle complex of this former ducal town.

  • Guided walk around Gotha, former residence of the dukes of Saxe-Gotha
  • Guided tour of the early baroque Friedenstein Palace including the Eckhof Theatre, the world’s oldest surviving theatre still staging plays

approx. 4 - 5 hours

[Booking number: RL 02]

Eisenach and Wartburg Castle

Discover one of the most spectacular castles in Germany, and the place where Martin Luther once translated the New Testament.

  • Guided walk around Eisenach, birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach  
  • Visit to Luther’s house and the church where J. S. Bach was baptised
  • Guided tour of Wartburg Castle, one of Germany’s most impressive castles and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Luther translated the New Testament there.

approx. 7 - 8 hours

[Booking number: RL 03]

Arnstadt, Dornheim, Wechmar, Ohrdruf

Follow in the footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach and discover one of the places that most influenced him.

"In the footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach"

  • Guided walk around Arnstadt
  • Visit to the Bach Church where J. S. Bach held his first post as organist
  • Visit to the only remaining house where the Bach family lived and the Bach monument
  • Dornheim incl. visit to the church where J. S. Bach married Maria Barbara in 1707
  • Wechmar, from where the Bach family originate, including the original family home
  • Ohrdruf, where the orphaned J. S. Bach took his first organ lessons from his eldest brother Christoph at St. Michael’s Church

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 04]

Grosskochberg Palace / Paulinzella Abbey Ruins

Enjoy a fascinating day trip to the residence of one of Goethe's close female friends and discover a noteworthy abbey.

  • Travel via Bad Berka to Grosskochberg Palace, incl. guided tour of the former residence of Baroness Charlotte von Stein whom Goethe often visited
  • Travel on to Paulinzella Abbey ruins, one of the foremost Romanesque abbey buildings adhering to Cluny reform rules

approx. 5 - 6 hours

[Booking number: RL 05]

Rudolstadt with Heidecksburg Palace and Saalfeld

A tour of the Schiller house entitled 'Schiller's secret mistresses', and a tour of the most colourful grottoes in the world make this a unique day trip.

  • Travel to Rudolstadt and guided tour of Heidecksburg Palace, one of Germany’s most impressive baroque palaces, incl. porcelain gallery and weapons collection
  • Saalfeld including a guided tour of the colourful "fairy grotto" dripstone caves
  • Passenger cruise on Hohenwarte reservoir with drinks and refreshments

approx. 6 - 8 hours

[Booking number: RL 06]

Thuringian Forest - Oberhof

Go walking along the Rennsteig trail and discover Neuhaus am Rennweg and Oberhof: Thuringia's pre-eminent winter sports centre.

  • Neuhaus am Rennweg, visit to Neuhaus Church 
  • Visit to Greiner Glass Factory in Neuhaus
  • Oberhof, the great winter sports centre with ski jump and bobsleigh run
  • Short walk along the Rennsteig, the famous Thuringian hiking trail which runs for a total of 168 km

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 07]

Thuringian Forest - Schmalkalden

Catch remarkable glimpses of the Thuringian Forest, and find out more about traditional hand-blown glass art and the spa resort of Schmalkalden.

  • Schmalkalden health resort, visit to Wilhelmsburg Palace, a prime example of German Renaissance architecture
  • Ilmenau and a walk on Mount Kickelhahn, with fabulous views out across the Thuringian Forest. The Kickelhahn was where Goethewrote his poem "Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh…" (Over every hilltop is calm).
  • Engelsbach and tour of the Thuringia glass bead workshop (coffee served on request)

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 08]

Thuringian Forest - Inselsberg

Take a trip to the Thuringian Forest's highest point and let yourself be inspired by the largest country park in Thuringia.

  • Travel via Tabarz to the Inselsberg, one of the Thuringian Forest’s highest peaks, with glorious panoramic views
  • Travel to Bad Liebenstein. This town on the sunny side of the Thuringian Forest is one of Germany’s oldest spa resorts. It owes its fame largely to the spring water discovered here around 1560 in the days of Lord Hermann von Stein.
  • Visit to Altenstein House and Park, the largest landscaped park in Thuringia, where Georg II of Meiningen, a great patron of the theatre, built his summer residence.

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 09]

Bad Frankenhausen and Kyffhäuser

Discover Europe's biggest gypsum cave open to tourists, the Kyffhäuser monument and the Panorama Museum's monumental mural.

  • Travel to Bad Frankenhausen, which has close associations with the Reformer Thomas Müntzer
  • Tour of the panoramic museum and the monumental mural painted by Werner Tübke
  • Visit to the Barbarossa cave, Europe’s biggest gypsum cave open to tourists
  • Visit to the Kyffhäuser hills (Thuringia’s smallest mountain range) incl. the monument to Emperor Barbarossa and the Kaiser Wilhelm I statue

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 10]


Saale-Unstrut is a wine-growing region in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Its centre is Freyburg (Unstrut).

  • Saale-Unstrut is a wine-growing region in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Its centre is Freyburg (Unstrut).
  • Travel to Bad Kösen, a health resort whose reputation goes back to the discovery of its saline springs in 1730. Visit to the salt evaporation works (320 metres long, the salt water is raised by a pump rod system that is unique in Europe)
  • Travel to Naumburg (first mentioned in official records in 1012; at the intersection of two trade routes)
  • Guided tour of St. Peter and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Naumburg, one of Germany’s most famous medieval buildings and a prime illustration of late Romanesque/early Gothic architecture.
  • Guided tour of idyllic Naumburg – one of central Germany’s most beautiful towns, with a wealth of attractions and in a wonderful setting
  • Travel to Freyburg, visit to Rotkäppchen sekt producers incl. wine tasting. The historical buildings are often used as an arts venue.

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 12]

Bad Langensalza and Hainich National Park

Take a treetop walk with us through this UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and discover the spa resort of Bad Langensalza.

  • Travel to the spa resort of Bad Langensalza, the second largest town in the Unstrut-Hainich area.
  • Visit to the Friederike villa built in 1751
  • Visit to the Japanese Zen Garden – Kofuku no niwa. A new, themed public garden has been developed  around the Japanese Garden incorporating typical Japanese garden elements in the existing landscape
  • Visit to the Treetop Trail in an otherwise inaccessible part of the Hainich National Park, the ancient woodland in the heart of Germany. Explore a tree tower with tree house rising to 44 metres,  higher than the trees, and a path that winds its way through the treetops for 308 metres

approx. 8 - 10 hours

[Booking number: RL 13]