BUGA Erfurt 2021

A tradition born in Erfurt with deep roots throughout Thuringia. Erfurt has been holding horticultural exhibitions since 1865. In 2021, it will reconnect with this heritage, as the 2021 Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) comes to the original home of garden shows and takes over two remarkable Erfurt exhibition venues – historical Petersberg Citadel and egapark, the garden of Thuringia. Visitors to BUGA Erfurt 2021 will be able to experience the city as it has never been seen before, with magnificent blooms and an abundance of plants dominating the scene between 23 April and 10 October 2021. The whole city will blossom as it celebrates its horticultural and garden show traditions.

Erfurt – the birthplace of modern horticulture

Many visitors to Erfurt are keen to find out more about its horticultural history, and the city’s links with this sector go back a very long way. Even back in the Middle Ages, the people of Erfurt knew how to make the most of their mild climate and fertile soil. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the city’s reputation and prosperity derived from the cultivation of woad, also known as Thuringia’s golden fleece for its yellow flowers, and trade in the plant flourished.

What started in the Middle Ages with woad cultivation and trade became a ‘green thread’ running through Erfurt’s history. From the 18th century onwards, a whole variety of plants were grown here commercially, and the city developed into a leading centre of horticulture.

One of the people primarily responsible was Erfurt horticulturist Christian Reichart, who is regarded as the founder of modern commercial horticulture in Erfurt, and of horticulture in Germany.

From the 19th century, flower and vegetable seeds also began to be cultivated and traded. A number of horticultural businesses, such as E. Benary, J. C. Schmidt, Haage & Schmidt, Franz Anton Haage, F. C. Heinemann and N. L. Chrestensen, spread Erfurt’s reputation as a ‘garden city’ or ‘city of flowers’ around the world, along with the seeds they produced. Some of them still play key roles in Erfurt’s horticultural sector today. The family firms of N. L. Chrestensen and Haage Cactuses, the oldest cactus growers in the world, supply seeds and plants to professional and amateur growers across the globe from their base in Erfurt.


Foto: egapark Erfurt

egapark Erfurt

egapark Erfurt and Petersberg Citadel – at the heart of BUGA Erfurt 2021

Petersberg Citadel sits in splendour high above the rooftops of Erfurt’s medieval old quarter. Steeped in history, this baroque fortification is the city’s traditional vantage point. For 171 days, visitors will able to experience garden design, traditional horticulture and art in a unique historical setting here. They can stroll through the different periods of horticultural history, see typical Erfurt flower and vegetable exhibitions and enjoy a varied programme of events. Exciting new routes around the restored and partially rebuilt fortress complex will transform Petersberg Citadel into an impressive destination with spectacular views.

In 2021, egapark, also known as the garden of Thuringia, will become a magnificent, colourful sea of flowers. A former convent and later a citadel, in 1961 the site was reborn as a 36 hectare leisure and garden park which became the venue for the first, as well as several subsequent, international horticultural exhibitions. The park is a cultural monument that brings history to life. BUGA Erfurt 2021 deftly blends its 1960s architectural features and their distinctive horticultural design with impressive show gardens, themed gardens, the largest ornamental flowerbed in Europe, weekly changing indoor exhibitions and innovative highlights like the Danakil centre. This sensational desert and jungle complex combines contrasting worlds and provides a home for exotic flora and fauna. A 35,000 square metre play area and discovery centre for children, and a carefully planned programme of events will also offer hours of fun and entertainment.

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