Erfurt Discovery Tour

The city of Erfurt, which dates back more than 1,270 years, is a veritable picture-book of German history. Not only can it boast the monumental ensemble of the cathedral and the Church of St.Severus - whose famous Gloriosa bell dates back more than five centuries - but it also has grand patrician townhouses, charming half-timbered buildings and a great many other churches, hence the city sometimes being described as the Rome of Thuringia.

This tour takes you on a fascinating walk through the old quarter. Along the captivating route, you encounter the  Erfurt Brezelritter (knight of the pretzel), who offers samples of baked treats made to medieval recipes. There are also oppurtunities to savour melt-in-the-mouth delights from the Goldhelm chocolate boutique and to enjoy a traditional German beer fresh from the barrel in the "Goldener Schwan" brewery tavern.

The musical highlight of the Erfurt Discover Tour is an organ recital in the late-Gothic cathedral.

Funzelführung durch die Horchgänge

Underworld of the Petersberg Citadel

Mysterious Passageways deep beneath Petersberg Citadel

The vast and hugely impressive fortress of Petersberg Citadel dominates the city from its position beside the cathedral hill. It was built in the 17th century and is one of the few baroque town fortifications in Europe to have been preserved. During the tour you will be able to discover the various bastions, the fortress bakehouse and the underground tunnels. With a little luck, you might even see the rare barbastelle bat. Our "bat’s drink" will set you up for exploring the whole of the fortress.

Sagen unter und über Erfurt

Comedy Tour with a Master Storyteller

Comedy Tour with a Master Storyteller

This tour in the company of eccentric inventor Herbert Kurz is more an adventure than a guided walk. Your host uses his technological gadgetry to prise secrets out of Erfurt’s walls and allows guests to "listen in" on happenings in the past.
The tour includes gems from the treasury of Erfurt tales, relived in their "original locations" along the river Gera, in narrow medieval alleyways and at beauty spots by the water.
Herbert Kurz is a brilliant, witty narrator who brings all kinds of stories back to life.
At the end of this light-hearted, fun walk, guests are invited to enjoy a glass of red wine on the banks of the Gera.

On the Trail of the Erfurt Vineyard Song with the Wine Monk

On the Trail of the Erfurt Vineyard Song with the Wine Monk

Go on a tour of discovery with the wine monk and learn all about wine-making in Thuringia and Erfurt from the Middle Ages to the present day. The wine monk shows you the historical places and squares that are still closely associated with Erfurt`s vinicultral  heritage. As you sample the local wines at a variety of informal tastings, he`ll regale you with amusing anecdotes that always hit the mark. The tour culminates in an evening meal amid histiorical surroundings - with specially selected dishes that complement a choice of award-winning wines from Thuringia. During the course of the meal, you also get to hear our Erfurt vineyard song.

Behind the Scenes at Erfurt's Theatre

Behind the Scenes at Erfurt's Theatre

Erfurt is home to the first major theatre to be opened in Germany in the new millennium (2003). It won the Thuringian Prize for Architecture and Urban Planning in 2004. One of 12 outstanding newly built cultural venues in Germany, it is a masterpiece ranking alongside the Pinakothek der Moderne gallery in Munich and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

This tour introduces visitors to the stunning 1,000-seat theatre building, including the spacious foyer, the grand “floating” staircase and the main auditorium. Next you visit the state-of-the-art workshop building to see various behind-the-scenes activities. The wardrobe mistress demonstrates how a character’s costume is developed. The skill of costume designers and make-up artists is such that some transformations are nothing short of astounding. Perhaps you will also discover some new tricks of the trade.