Old Opera House

DASDIE Alte Oper

Alte Oper, DASDIE live and DASDIE Brettl are 3 cultural, event and congres centres where you can enjoy concerts, varieté and theatre performances.

The "Alte Oper" is a lovingly restored in the original classical style of the 1920ies and has lost none of its charm. Offering 970 seats, the Old Opera House is an ideal place for theatre, opera, cabaret, concerts and musical guest performances.

Travel Information

Alte Oper:

Tram: no. 2, 5 to Brühler Garten
Bus: no. 51 to Alte Oper
By car: multi-storey car park Domplatz

DASDIE Live und DASDIE Brettl:

Tram: no. 2 to Lange Brücke
Tram: no. 3, 4 or 6 to Domplatz
By car: multi-storey car park Domplatz

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