Sulzer See

Erfurt's Lakes - A Wonderful Recreational Area

Erfurt's Lakes used to be a site for gravel mining. Nowadays, they are transformed step by step to a recreational area. Bathing and different water sports are already possible at Stotternheimer See and Alperstedter See. Moreover, there are many cycling tracks and hiking trails. You can also visit the impressive site of the Luther Stone.


The best way to visit Erfurt's Lakes is by bike. There are cycling tracks from the cities of Erfurt and Stotternheim.

Alternatively, you can explore the lakes from Stotternheim which is situated in the middle of the recreational area

  •     Tram no. 5 to Grubenstraße, then with the bus no. 30 to Bergfeldstraße (10 minutes walk) or with bus no. 31 to Strandbad Stotternheim
  •     by train to the station of Stotternheim (2 minutes walk)
  •     by car: free parking available for cars, motorbikes and bicycles

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