Wachsenburg Castle (Veste Wachsenburg)

Wachsenburg Castle (Veste Wachsenburg)

During its history, Wachsenburg Castle has had its fair share of troubles. In 1441 a notorious robber baron took control of the castle and made it his base for his raids on the merchants of Erfurt.

The three castles known collectively as the "Drei Gleichen" are Gleichen Castle, Mühlburg Castle and Wachsenburg Castle. They are approx. 20 km from Erfurt in the Drei Gleichen conservation area.



See the well house and Hohenlohe lookout tower, on request.



Tue - Sat 11 am - 10 pm approx.
Sun 11 am - 6 pm

Local traffic

By car: from Erfurt take the A4 towards Eisenach, Wandersleben exit, towards Mühlberg and Arnstadt

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