Parks and gardens

Erfurt has a very long tradition as a centre for horticulture, from the cultivation of woad in medieval times and 18th-century cress fields right up to modern-day plant breeding by local family firms such as N. L. Chrestensen und Kakteen-Haage.

This 'green thread' can still be seen today in the various parks and green spaces dotted all over the metropolitan area.

The total area of Erfurt's green spaces amounts to 550 hectares of recreational land and more than 1,000 hectares of forest, creating plenty of opportunities for relaxing strolls as well as sporting activities. The egapark in particular marks Erfurt out as a 'green city'. It is the city's largest park, can be visited all year round and has a number of special gardens and conservatories. Since its opening in 1961 it has held annual open-air spectacles that illuminate the parklands from spring until autumn.