Thematic Tours

Luther Monument

The Medieval Quarter in the Footsteps of Martin Luther

Erfurt is Martin Luther’s spiritual home. This tour introduces you to all the famous sites associated with the life and work of the great Reformer during his years in Erfurt (1501–1511). Its focal point is a visit to the Augustinian monastery, including the Luther cell and the historical Reformation library, which has over 60,000 volumes. The original Augustinian monastery buildings, Erfurt’s only medieval seminary and monastic site, date from the 13th century and have been largely preserved.
After the tour, soak up the monastery’s tranquillity and enjoy coffee and cake made by the Casteller Ring Community nuns who live and work here today.

In the Footsteps of the Bach Family with the Erfurt Town Piper

Members of the Bach family are undoubtedly some of the most famous figures in Erfurt’s history. The city’s musical life is greatly indebted to the various members of Johann Sebastian’s family who were engaged as town organists and musicians. Johann Sebastian himself often came to Erfurt to visit relatives.
Our town piper will tell you about the life of this famous musical dynasty in the historical old quarter. He will show you the Merchants’ Bridge, Fischmarkt, the Merchants’ Church – where Johann Sebastian Bach’s parents were married – and also the largest of the churches in the old town, the Prediger Church. This simple, triple-naved, hall-like basilica is considered to be one of the finest examples of mendicant order architecture. The town piper will also demonstrate his own musical skills.

Flowery Prospects at egapark

Erfurt - City of Horticulture

Erfurt enjoys a wide reputation as a city of flowers and horticulture.
Christian Reichart laid the foundations for Erfurt’s ongoing tradition as a centre for commercial horticulture back in the 18th century. This tour takes you to the Erfurt horticultural exhibition centre (ega) at Cyriaksburg Castle, which has been hosting horticultural exhibitions since the 19th century. The Flower Queen will show you round the special attractions, including the Japanese Garden, the Butterfly House and the numerous plant display houses.
The German Horticultural Museum, within the ancient walls of Cyriaksburg Castle, is the only museum of its type in Germany.
This "garden of Thuringia" (2,000 m²) presents the fascinating world of horticulture in such a way that you will enjoy plenty of new discoveries, as well as seeing the familiar with a fresh pair of eyes.