Printing Museum

Printing Museum and Erfurt Municipal Museums Residual Collection in the Benary Storehouse

This 19th-century storehouse is home to the municipal printing museum (historical letterpresses and artisanal block printing) and the Erfurt museums residual collection.

It includes the South Seas collection (utensils, cult objects, jewellery, weapons and an outrigger boat) from the Museum of Thuringian Folklore, the Kämmerer collection (18th/19th-century porcelain, furniture and paintings) from the Angermuseum and guild chests and small items of furniture from Erfurt museums.

To arrange a visit

to the Printing Museum:
Tel. +49 (0)361 655 5652

to the residual collection:
Tel. +49 (0)361 655 5621

Travel Information

Tram no. 2 or 4 to Sparkassen-Finanzzentrum
By car: Sparkassen-Finanzzentrum multi-storey car park


Free Entrance (Exhibitions)

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