Councillor of Erfurt

Time Travel with the Councillor of Erfurt

The councillors mostly come from affluent merchant families. An Erfurt councillor or bourgeoise narrates the dynamic history of the city, e.g. about the “Great Year” of Erfurt in which the councillors were temporarily expelled from the council. The entertaining tour includes a visit to the town hall and the Predigerkirche [Preacher’s Church]. Enjoy a councillors’ Kellerbier in a medieval public house during the tour.


The tour includes a visit of the town hall and a councillors' Kellerbier.


January - December

Number of Participants

15 - 35 persons


2,5 - 3 hours


per person: € 13.00 

Minimum price: € 195.00 per group

[Booking number: GF 05/R]

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